When to Get a Mammogram

The American Cancer Society recommends a mammogram yearly for all women ages 40 and older.  If you have a family history of breast cancer, your doctor may advise starting mammography before 40. 

The United States Preventive Services Task Force advises that women older than age 50 get a mommogram every two years. 

Talk with your doctor about a screening schedule that's right for you.

Get Hooked

On Fish

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS, from fish like SALMON, HERRING and MACKEREL may reduce your risk for depression and ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Pets Help

Heart Health

A recent study found dog and cat owners had lower resting heart rates and blood pressure levels even before the study began, compared with those who didn't have a pet.  Then, during a series of stressful tasks, pet owners experienced smaller heart rate and blood pressure increases and recovered more quickly.  The researchers say pet owners consider their dogs or cats important supportive companions - and these positive feelings may help them cope with stress more effectively than non-pet owners.


It's Not Just For Kids

SHARPEN YOUR COLORED PENCILS AND DIG OUT YOUR FAVORIT MARKERS because staing inside the lines isn't just for kids.  Research shows that it can be a healthy way to help you de-stress and unwind.  A study in the journal Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 30 minutes of an artistic activity, like coloring, is enough to reduce anxiety levels.

Not Just for Beauty


Our bodies and brains need sleep in order to function.  Most adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep every night.  School-age children need nine to 11 hours of sleep, while teenagers should get eight to 10 hours each night.  Lack of sleep can affect your concentration, reaction time and mood.  It can also be dangerous if you fall asleep while driving.


Know Your Vaccinations

Check Shoes for Stability


Test for stability when you're shopping for a pair of athletic shoes, advises the American Council on Exercise.  There are two ways to test a shoe.  First, twist it while holding the shoe at each end; it will only twist a little bit if it provides good lateral support.  Second, squeeze the heel counter - a stiff cup sewn into the shoe's back to provide heel support - into the shoe.  It should be stiff and not easily collapse inward.

Identity Theft
A Massive Problem


The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 17.6 million U.S. residents experienced identity fraud in 2014. 

To put that figure in perspective,

the combined populations of New

York, Los Angeles, Chicago and

Houston in 2015 was 17.5



Your Health -

At Any Age

Growing up typically means trading jungle gyms for treadmillls, crayons for keyboards and tiddledywinks for taxes. But it doesn't have to mean all work and no play.


Taking time to play keeps adults young at heart in more ways than one.  Research increasingly suggests childlike pursuits - from coloring to checkers - protect against serious adult diseases.  These include anxiety disorders, obesity, heart disease and dementia.

Let's Talk Turkey

Leftovers can offer a tasty meal or two, but they can make you sick if you don't store and reheat them the right way.

Holiday foods require special handling:


  • Don't keep cooked turkey hot for more than two

hours after cooking it.  If your dinner will be delayed longer, remove all stuffing from the turkey and refrigerate in small, shallow containers.


  • Slice breast meat and cut the rest of the turkey into small pieces; wrap in foil or place in small,  airtight containers and refrigerate.


  • Freeze turkey you don't plan to eat within three or four days.  Eat frozen plain turkey slices pieces within four months and frozen turkey slices or pieces covered withgravy within six months


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