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Gap insurance, Puzzle piece, Critical Illness, life insurance, hospital indemnity

Gap Insurance

  • Hospital Indemnity

  • Home Health Care

  • Critical Illness

  • Accident

  • Life


These plans are needed to fill in the gaps, or missing pieces of the puzzle, of the insurance plans.

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Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Insurance

Estate Planning

  • Trust

  • Medicaid Planning

  • Long Term Care Alternatives

  • Long Term Care


Correct estate planning is the best way to preserve your assets for the future.  We offer several options when it comes to estate planning.  Whether you have a large estate or just the home you live in, we can help you with a plan for the future.

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Health Insurance

  • Short-term Major Medical

  • Faith Based Health Insurance

  • ACA


Since the Affordable Care Act, do you fill like you are trapped with your insurance? Do you have the best plan to fit the needs of your family?


We have options outside the ACA that might help you and your family.


"Securing Your Financial Future"