Short Term Health Insurance


Bridge the gaps in health insurance coverage


When a life change leaves you without health insurance, you need coverage to get you through the transition period. With a short-term health insurance plan you can select the length of time (1 to 3 months in many states) and choose from a range of available deductible amounts and payment options. And when your needs change, you have the flexibility to drop your coverage at any time without a penalty.


A Short Term Health insurance plan may be right for

you if you are:


  • Between jobs or unemployed

  • Between open enrollment for ACA

  • A young adult no longer covered under a parent's insurance plan

  • An early retiree

  • Waiting for other coverage to begin



The application process for short term health insurance is usually simpler than renewable health insurance. Short term health insurance plans are designed to protect against unforeseen accidents or illnesses, rather than to provide comprehensive coverage, and typically do not include coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or vision care.


Short term health insurance plans typically do not cover preexisting medical conditions. The definition of a preexisting condition varies by state, but, in general, short term health insurance policies exclude coverage for conditions that have been diagnosed or treated within the previous 2 to 5 years. If you have an existing medical condition, you may want to research whether you can extend your current insurance.



Short term insurance is

  • Cost-effective

Typically have lower premiums

  • Convenient, and tailored to your needs

Allow for customizing length of plan

offer several deductible and co-pay options


"Securing Your Financial Future"